Thursday, August 22

The Hollis Blanket, our Original Personalized Baby Blanket

I have had so much fun this year designing and making The Hollis personalized baby blankets for sweet little ones all over the world!! Here are a few color options and ideas that can be used to create your one of a kind personalized baby blanket!

The Original Hollis Blanket!!
This adorable blanket was the first one I created as a special request for my friend Natalie and her adorable princess Hollis! After she sent me pictures of Hollis all wrapped up in her blanket I couldnt wait to share this amazing blanket with everyone!!
The Hollis Blanket is made with Hot Pink, Lt. Pink, Aqua and Bright Green
You can order the Hollis Blanket Here: The Hollis Blanket on Etsy

The Aislinn Blanket is made with Hot Pink, Lt Grey and Citron Green.
You can purchase any of the personalized baby blankets you see on this blog here: 

The Zoey Blanket is made with Red, Black and Grey.
Choose your colors to match your FAVORITE TEAM!!!

The Brynlee Blanket features the most popular color scheme! 
It is made with Hot Pink, Lt. Pink and Lt. Grey

The Collin Blanket is made with Brown, Soft Blue and Lt Blue.
Choose your colors to match your baby's nursery!!!

 Does your nursery have a theme? Use one of the doodads to add some fun to your blanket!
The Eliza Blanket is made with Hot Pink, Orange, Lime and the Polka Dotted Ear Elephant

 The Knox Blanket is made with Navy, Green and Lt Blue.

The Levi Blanket is made with Navy Blue and Orange.

The Madeline Blanket is made with Purple, Lavender and Lime Green.

When it comes to the Personalized Baby Blanket you are only limited to your imagination!!! More options and styles coming soon!!!